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ΕΚΟ | Skliros Christos 
Gus Station, Distribution of Oil, Boat Supply Ithaki

At our gas station "EKO" Skleros Christos ", which is based in Ithaca and more specifically in Vathi, is waiting for you an experienced and courteous team that aims to offer you high quality services and fuels, always at the most competitive prices.
With an upward course in the field of fuel trade since 2000, our gas station will find EKO fuels that offer more economy, stable quality and high returns. High quality fuel to ensure optimal operation of your vehicle, car, truck or bus.
Our staff will directly and efficiently cover all your EKO fuel needs, and can also take your vehicle's washing at economical prices.
Still, our gas station with its own vehicles supplies you with top fuel oil, as well as fuel for refueling. We serve Vathy and Ithaca directly for the distribution and refueling of boats.
Sampling and Inspection Bulletin: 2014 , 2017

Over the years, our customers have trusted the quality of our services and products. With responsibility and prompt service we always try to upgrade the quality of our services, train our staff, have the highest quality and safety controls for our facilities and tanks.

Our goal is to be a reference point throughout Ithaca, distinguishing for the top quality
of the fuel and the services we offer.

Gus Station, Distribution of Oil, Boat Suppy
Vathi / Ithaki
Phone. 2674033585 Cell. 6977773885